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Dish detergent

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Dish detergent

│ Description │

Removes dirt and grease with its strong cleansing power and saves water with rapid rinsing.
Acquired the S (Safety) mark for toxicity and stress tests from the Korea Testing and Research Institute.

│ Specification │

* Ingredients : Sugar surfactant, Skin protective agent
* Contents : 500g pump, 1kg pump, 500g refill, 300g refill, 3.5kg container
* Usage : Kitchen
* Purpose : Dishwashing

│ Unique characteristics │

* A natural detergent made from sugar cane and olive oil
* Non-stress, non-toxic environmentally friendly detergent that does not irritate the skin
* Less toxic than salt or alcohol
* Acquired both the S-mark and the environment-friendly mark

│ Instructions │

Use 1.5g of dish detergent per 1L of water.
Apply 1~2 times on a piece of cloth or sponge to wipe tableware, cooking utensils and other kitchen utensils.

│ Certification │