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Sterilization detergent for kitchen utensils

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Sterilization detergent for kitchen utensils

│ Description │

Sterilizes viruses on knives, chopping boards, dish towels, refrigerators, etc. and is colorless, odorless, non-stress, non-corrosive, and sterilizing.
Acquired the S (Safety) mark related to toxicity and stress tests from the Korea Testing and Research Institute.
Environmentally friendly and certified as biodegradable in a FDA-licensed test.

│ Specification │

* Ingredients : Sugar surfactant, Natural sterilizer
* Contents : 500g pump, 500g spray, 1kg pump, 500g refill, 300g refill
* Usage : Kitchen
* Purpose : To sterilize refrigerators, knives, chopping boards, etc.

│ Unique characteristics │

* Consists mainly of sterilizer and food additives compared to ethanol and chlorine
* Harmless to the body and has an excellent sterilization effect
* Oral LD50 I above 2,000mg/kg
* Does not irritate the skin (irritation index of 0) 99% degradability

│ Instructions │

Apply on dish towel, knife, etc. for 5~10 minutes and clean twice under running water.

│ Certification │