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Antimicrobial Apple Premium Dish Detergent

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Antimicrobial Apple Premium Dish Detergent

│ Description │

Amino-acid ingredient of an apple surfactant has a moisturizing effect on the skin, and natural antimicrobial NP-System ingredients such as soapberry, gallnut and sophora flavescens aiton keep the skin safe.
Apple fragrance makes you feel more refreshed when doing the dishes.
It is a safe premium kitchen detergent that acquired S (Safety) mark from the Korea Testing & Research Institute.

│ Specification │

* Ingredients : Sugar surfactant, Skin protective agent, Natural ingredients
* Contents : 500g pump, 800g refill
* Usage : Kitchen
* Purpose : Dishwashing

│ Unique characteristics │

* It is the sulfate-free product that doesn't irritate the skin.
* Amino-acid ingredient of an apple surfactant has a good moisturizing effect on the skin.
* Natural NP-System ingredients(soapberry, gallnut, sophora flavescensaiton) have excellent effects such as natural bubble, protection against skin eczema, and antimicrobial properties.
* It is the product that acquired S(Safety) mark, and SF(Sanitary Finish) mark
* It is an eco-friendly product of over 99% biodegradebility that protects nature.
* It is a premium product that reinforced cleaning power, natural bubble, antimicrobial action compared to the existing kitchen detergent.

│ Instructions │

Use 1.5g of dish detergent per 1L of water. Apply 1~2 times on a piece of cloth or sponge to wipe tableware, cooking utensils and other kitchen utensils.

│ Certification │